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<5/4/2003> There was an advertisement in El Akhbar journal in the back of the first page about a thing called INFO CAST "What the Hell is this?" they said that it makes u connect 2 the internet without a phone line and u can watch TV and Satalite channels on the computer for only 999 L.E . so i went 2 them in Nasrcity "although that i live in Maadi" i found that it makes u search certain sites oflline can u believe it they r selling us just a TV tunner for 999 L.E. "What a bunsh of  LooserZ !!!!!!! ". 6Y LUCY  "P.s Teet and Reeda Came 2 Ok don't b sad Teet...... and Teet howa 2ely wadany wa gabny minn Nasr City ;-)"
<6/5/2003>In Ahram Journal says that El 2azhar has opened the gate for El Jehad.

Ahram Journal 6/5/2003