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<5/4/2003> Teet E-mail  tarek_teet@Hotmail.com  and ICQ 117734678 ve been Hacked. ;- ) 6Y LUCY ;-)

<7/4/2003> Finaly our Graduation photoz r now available at school. It will b on  the site at weekend ensha2 Allah.

<8/4/2003> Bobo's ICQ 135839779 password is lalaelak and if u like 2 get his contact list just give me a call. "SShhhh! don't tell him so it remains funny ,Imagine that every one is using his ICQ without he notice". 6Y LUCY

<10/4/2003> Sorry ppl 2day i was in school with M.omar they said that the picx will b available after 2 weeks !! , And also my Mid-term exams will begin next wednesday so this is might b the last update for 2 weeks "Wish me luck" Also "Where r U Teettttttttttt ?????????". 6Y LUCY

<10/4/2003> We all Thank nonosh24@hotmail.com 4 her E-Mail.